Friday , June 2 2023

About Us

BetaReports is a Development Oriented, Accurate and Appropriate Medium with 24/7 Online News that provides you with the latest breaking news and videos in Informative, Educative and Entertainment Contents such as News, Education, Health, Security, Tourism, Relationships, Science and Technology, Politics, Business & Economy and other categories about Nigeria and the World.


We believe in giving balanced news to our audiences while leveraging Global Standards on Inclusion and Education for children, the vulnerable and the marginalized (Education for all citizens in society), Access to Health Information, Security tips, awareness and information, Tourism: sites and sounds, as well as relationship information and gists.


Due to globalization and the impact of Information Technology, BetaReports advocates Science and Technology for individual and societal development, politics and governance, and business and economy news to sustain livelihood.


We are a medium that loves culture and tradition, we believe in bridging the gap between the old school and the new school, the vulnerable, persons with Disability and the elites, as well as the people and the government, we desire a change of narrative in making our society, community, state, country and world at large a better place for all, hence our promoting solution journalism and development work.


BetaReports which Embraces Solution Journalism As A Tool For Development has wide-reach News Coverage across NIGERIA. It also works in collaboration with mediums in providing enriching news to its teeming Audiences.