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6 Underwear Rules Every Woman Should Adhere To For A Healthy Private Parts

6 Underwear Rules Every Woman Should Adhere To For A Healthy Private Parts

Did you know that some fabrics are healthier for you than others, that going commando might be advantageous occasionally, and that underwear has a shelf life?

These unwritten underwear regulations could have an impact on your emotions, your vaginal health, and even your clothing choice.

In order to keep a healthy private organ, women should follow these 6 rules, according to Medicalnewstoday


1. In general, go with natural fabrics, particularly cotton.

Cotton is the ideal fabric for underwear. There are so many beautiful models available in so many different materials that it bears repeating, even if you have probably already heard it.

Similar to your facial lips, the vulva is a delicate and sensitive area. Using it gently is better.

What kind of easy-to-use, mild substance can you apply to your skin? most notably cotton. It is also absorbent and lightweight, making it perfect for preventing yeast infections.


2. Change your underwear atleast twice a day.

We only appear to put on one pair of underwear each day before washing the rest. Whether or not this is required at all depends. But you shouldn’t feel obligated to keep to a daily limit of just one pair.


If there isn’t much sweating or discharge, some experts advise you can get away with wearing a pair of underwear two days in a row. You can replace them more frequently during the day if vaginal discharge buildup makes you uncomfortable


3. Go commando at night to air out the moisture.

It’s a hotly contested issue whether or not it’s healthful to sleep without underwear.

If you have a healthy vaginal environment, you can choose from any option. The benefits of not wearing underwear to bed are enormous for people who have yeast infections frequently.

Without a textile barrier, the region can air out over night, preventing moisture buildup and the development of a breeding ground for bacteria.


4. Only wear sweat-wicking underwear for exercise.

Personal preference will determine whether you exercise pantie-free. If you are wearing shorts with built-in moisture-wicking underwear, you can omit the underwear.


Wearing something between you and the fabric to absorb sweat may be more comfortable and even healthier than putting your hands between you and it. Usually, this is a high-tech polyester that is smooth and light.


5. Wash your underwear in hypoallergenic soap.

You should treat all of your undergarments with more care than the rest of your clothing, not just your unique lacy, stringy thongs. This is not because they are your “delicates,” as they are not.


The main cause of this is that they frequently come into contact with your more sensitive skin. Doctors advise washing them with mild, hypoallergenic soap because anything soapy or chemical near the vulva has the potential to irritate, itch, and trigger allergic reactions.


6. At least once a year, you should replace your underwear.

It seems a little excessive, particularly for something that gets washed frequently. According to the National Health Service, even spotless underwear can contain up to 10,000 live bacteria.

Throwing away your underwear every year may not be necessary if you do not have any bacterial issues, in addition to not being the most environmentally friendly choice.


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